Article 01.
OCISPORT SERVEIS ESPORTIUS SL is organising three races to be held on 5 and 6 June, 2021, as part of the Els Bastions® SkyRaces event.


Article 02.
a. Ultra Els Bastions®: A circular race to be completed on foot spanning 76 km with approximately 5,451 m of positive elevation gain and 5,451 m of negative elevation gain, starting and finishing in Ribes de Freser and reaching the summit of the highest mountains in the Vall de Ribes.
b. Marathon Els Bastions®: A circular race to be completed on foot spanning approximately 51 km with 2,786 m of positive elevation gain and 2,786 m of negative elevation gain, starting and finishing in Ribes de Freser, allowing participants to discover one of the most emblematic mountains in the Vall de Ribes, Torreneules.
c. Trail Els Bastions®: A 29-km race to be completed on foot with a positive and negative elevation gain of approximately 1,621 m, starting and finishing in Ribes de Freser.


The Ultra, the Marathon and the Trail are tough events that are run in semi-autonomy in the middle of the mountains with a few stretches taking place at night. We recommend that participants are in very good physical condition and have experience in this type of event. At times, participants must be prepared to cope with difficult race conditions and a physical or mental state caused by significant fatigue.

Article 03.
Minimum age: To be able to participate in any of the races you must be of legal age on the day of the race.

Article 04.
Participant declaration: To validate registration you must accept the regulations and exempt the organisers from any responsibility in case of accident or bodily injury suffered during the competition or upon its completion. This declaration will be made online during registration.

Article 05.
Insurance: Participants who do not possess a federation licence equivalent  to the FEEC licence, type C or above, must take out insurance when registering, which will be processed by the organisers themselves.
Participants who hold a federation licence equivalent to the FEEC licence, type C or above, may also take out this insurance when registering if they wish.

Article 06.
Image rights: Participants in all four races give their consent to the organisers and their sponsors to freely use and publish any photographs or videos taken in the context of the race.

Article 07.
a. Registration can only be made via the official Els Bastions® website (
b. Payment only constitutes pre-registration. Registration is considered validated once the necessary documents have been received and are correct.
c. Changes of name after having already registered are not permitted.

Article 08.
Cancellation of registration: Once registered, your place is reserved and only part of the full amount will be refunded in the following cases:

a. The organisers offer Cancellation Insurance through which the full registration fee will be refunded to participants who have taken out this service and are able to present documentary proof of the seriousness and/or principle cause of their withdrawal. Said refund will only be made up to 15 days before the start of the race. After this date no refunds will be made for any registration.
The purpose of cancellation insurance is to allow for the reimbursement of the full cost of the bib, in the event that a participant requests to cancel their registration only for the following reasons:
• Sustained injury preventing participation in the event.
• An accident, serious illness, serious accident or death of the participant.
• A serious illness requiring hospitalisation or the death of your spouse, partner, parents or children, or their involvement in a serious accident, 30 days prior to or during the event.
• A registered participant becoming pregnant or the birth of a baby within 15 days prior to or after the race.
• Suffering from COVID-19 thirty days prior to the event and being unable to attend the event as a result of this.
• Confinement by government order due to COVID-19 at the time of the event or 15 days prior to it.
• Being summoned as a witness or jury member before a criminal court or civil court.
• Being summoned as a member of a polling station.
• Having to sit official public examinations.
• Serious damage caused by fire, explosion, theft or the force of nature at your main residence or professional premises if the insured person carries out business activity there and their presence is absolutely necessary.
• The insured person’s dismissal from work.
In the case of health-related cancellations, a medical certificate signed and sealed by a doctor confirming the reason for being unable to participate in the race or any other official documentation must be provided. For any of the other reasons for cancellation, official documentation proving the incident must be submitted.
The cancellation of registration or non-participation in the race in which you are registered does not grant you priority in the registration process for subsequent editions.

b. No cancellation insurance:
• Until 28/02/2021, 50% will be refunded
• From 01/03/2021 to 30/04/2021, 30% will be refunded
• From 01/05/2021, no refund will be made
Only applications for refunds due to non-participation submitted before 01/05/2021 will be accepted.
In both cases, in order to receive a refund, an email must be sent to, stating the full name of the participant and requesting cancellation.
Refunds will be issued to the same credit card used for payment. 


Article 09.
a. Bibs are personal and non-transferable.
b. To collect your bib you must present photo identification.
c. During the race it must remain visible at all times.
d. Bibs (and gifts) will not be sent to the participant’s home address.

Article 10.
Cut-off times: There are several cut-off times indicated on the official Els Bastions® website. These times may be modified at any time by the organisers. Participants who wish to continue the route, even if they have exceeded the cut-off times, may do so outside of the race and at their own risk, once having returned their bib to the organisers.

Article 11.
Check points:
a. Participants must check in at all the designated checkpoints including the start and finish line. 
b. Each participant must follow the entire route without skipping any checkpoints.

Article 12.
Life bags:
Participants in the Ultra will receive a bag (green) with a capacity of approximately 12 litres, in which they can carry the equipment (not obligatory) they require.
• Green bag – Exclusively for the feed zone in Núria (km 25.5). It must be returned before 6 a.m. on Saturday 6th.
The organisers will transport the bags to the selected feed zones and once used they must be brought back to Ribes de Freser.

Article 13.
Compulsory equipment: Two lists have been made: Compulsory equipment A, for all without exception from the start, and Compulsory equipment B, which will vary depending on the weather forecast and/or the participant’s level.
The following lists determine the basic equipment that is required but do not take into account individual factors relating to each participant. The final choice of equipment is therefore the sole responsibility of the participant.

Equipment A: Equipment that all participants must carry without exception, whatever the weather conditions, during the whole event:

Equipment B:
Equipment that participants must carry depending on the weather conditions on the day of the event and/or the participant’s level:
• Waterproof trousers
• Waterproof jacket with hood
• Thermal t-shirt
• Gloves
• Crampons
During the briefing (see place and time in the programme) participants will be informed if and when equipment B is compulsory.
All participants must have all the items on this list at hand and in perfect condition, in case they are finally required.
The organisers may set up generalised or random checks at different points along the route to check said equipment.

Article 14.
Penalties: Participants who commit any of the following offences may be disqualified by a member of the organising team if they deem it appropriate:

Failure to assist another personDisqualification
Withdrawal without notifying the organisers at the time of withdrawalDisqualification
Giving the bib/chip to another person so they take over for part of the race or for the entire raceDisqualification of both participants
Straying from the marked route, reducing the route’s distanceDisqualification
Skipping a checkpointDisqualification
Showing unsportsmanlike conduct in the presence of other athletes, spectators or the organisersDisqualification
Failure to bring the compulsory equipment or refusing an equipment inspectionDisqualification
Littering along the route or damaging the natural and human environment in any way1 hour: 1st warning Disqualification: 2nd warning
Straying from the marked route WITHOUT reducing the route’s distanceAssessed according to the grounds

Article 15.
Compulsory abandonment: The organisers may temporarily stop a participant or force them to abandon the race if they consider that their condition is endangering their physical wellbeing or safety.

Article 16.
Voluntary abandonment: Except in case of injury, participants may only abandon the race at a checkpoint. If this point is not accessible by vehicle, the participant will have to make their way to the nearest withdrawal point by their own means. Straying from the marked route without having informed the organisers and, therefore, without being duly authorised to do so, is forbidden. It is compulsory to register yourself if it is a check point.

Article 17.
Weather conditions: In case of bad weather conditions, the organisers reserve the right to neutralise the race, modify the route, the cut-off times or the starting time and even cancel the race. 

Article 18.
Suspension of the event due to the COVID-19 pandemic or other cause of force majeure. In the event of full cancellation or postponement of the event by government order due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the following conditions shall apply (to be chosen by each participant):
• Transferal of registration to the 2022 edition.
• Reimbursement of 75% of the full registration fee for those who do not have cancellation insurance and 100% for those who do have cancellation insurance.
• The amount paid for insurance will not be refunded under any circumstances.
• In case of postponement of the event, participants who do not have cancellation insurance may assign their registration to a friend, but they will not be able to get the registration fee back if they do not wish/are not able to participate on the new alternative dates.


Article 19.
Showers and clothes storage will be available to participants at the finish line.


Article 20.
Categories: The following categories have been established for both male and female groupings:
• Absolute (from 18 years old)
• Veterans (from 40 years old)
The age of participants in the veteran category will be that on 31 December, 2021.

Article 21.
Awards: Prizes must be collected during the scheduled hours. In no case shall they be sent to the home address of participants who do not collect them.
• Prizes for overall ranking: Trophy for the top three men and women from each race.
• Prizes for rankings according to categories: Gifts for the first-placed man and woman in each race excluding the Absolute category.